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June 7, 2008


:butterflytwo:~:rose:~Lolita style II~:rose:~:butterflytwo:

The Lolita Style journal was way to full with stuff so i decided to make another one fo new stuff that i wanted to put 8D


:rzero:~Gothic and Lolita bible~:rzero:
:bulletblue:As the title of the books say it, is the bible for the lolitas.
:bulletblue:Contains lots of pictures including most of the major gothic and lolita brands.
:bulletblue:Hair, makeup tips, recipes and more
:bulletblue:Although this book is in Japanese its well worth buying because of all the pictures.

:rzero:~Gothic and Lolita Hair and Make-up Bible~:rzero:
:bulletblue:It repeats some of the earlier beauty sections of the GLB plus a whole load of new stuff.

:rzero:~Gothic and Lolita Bible Extra~:rzero:
:bulletblue:Best book for sewing lolitas.
:bulletblue:Hints and tips on how to make everyday garments.
:bulletblue:Two pattern sheets.
[yes this is from where all the lolita patters that are in the other Lolita journal came from]

:bulletblue:COStume MOdel Magazine
:bulletblue:Mainly a Cosplay magazine however it has a lot of lolita and visual kei clothing.
:bulletblue:Tips on how to do your make-up and hair and clothing designs.
[Vol. 3 has a large Baby Stars Shine Bright spread and paper patterns .]

:rzero:~Handmade Gothic and Lolita~:rzero:
:bulletblue:Best book for sewing lolitas.
:bulletblue:Basic patterns
:bulletblue:Step by step sewing guides with pictures.

:bulletblue:Newer version of Handmade gothic and Lolita
:bulletblue:Instructions and patterns with pictures also.

:bulletblue:Mixes lolita with other styles like punk.


[if anyone has buy anything on any of this sites and wants to make a small review of them please send on a  note ^-^]

---Japanese Brands---

[ :bulletred: = ships overseas]

:bulletblue:Alice Auaa
:bulletblue:Angelic Pretty
:bulletred:Baby The Stars Shine Bright
:bulletblue:Peace Now
:bulletblue:Emily Temple Cute - Kyoto
:bulletblue:Emily Temple Cute - Osaka
:bulletblue:H. Naoto
:bulletblue:Innocent World
:bulletblue:Jane Marple
:bulletblue:La Croix Noire
:bulletblue:Maris rock
:bulletblue:Mary Magdelene
:bulletred:Moi-Meme-Moitie (international)…
:bulletblue:Moi-Meme-Moitie (japanese)…
:bulletblue:Miho Matsuda
:bulletblue:Putumayo… [my all time favorite *-*]
:bulletblue:Sexpot Revenge
:bulletblue:Shirley Temple Cute…
:bulletblue:Union Jack
:bulletblue:Victorian Maiden
:bulletblue:Headdress Online
:bulletred:Cosmates [cant find the page o.o??]
:bulletblue:Antique Beast
:bulletblue:Chocochip Cookie
:bulletblue:Closet Child
:bulletblue:Coquette Doll
:bulletblue:Ning You Dou
:bulletblue:Deep Forest
:bulletblue:Fairy Wish
:bulletblue:First Of May
:bulletblue:Jelly Bean
:bulletblue:Triple Fortune
:bulletblue:Candied Strawberry
:bulletblue:Love's La FACE
:bulletblue:Cute Cute World
:bulletblue:Grand Bazaar Lolita
:bulletred:Milky Ange
:bulletblue:Omati Prison…
:bulletblue:Pina Sweet
:bulletblue:Princess Doll
:bulletblue:Sandorian Castel…
:bulletblue:Romantic Neurosis
:bulletblue:Spica's shop
:bulletblue:Think Pink
:bulletblue:Honey Orangee
:bulletblue:Royal Coffin
:bulletblue:Uniform Kiss
:bulletblue:Last Resort…
:bulletblue:Dark Age
:bulletblue:Diabolism Spirit
:bulletblue:FK Blackside…
:bulletblue:Classic Parfait
:bulletblue:Milk Crown+
:bulletblue:Baby Milk
:bulletblue:NailSpace Victoria…
:bulletblue:Strawberry Jam

---Non Japanese---

:bulletblue:Candy Violet

[if you have a store that sell lolita stuff or have some lolita stuff related please send a note about it to the club and give a small intro for yourself ^-^]
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Tahleena Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008
there's a lolita store in singapore - if i can find the pic and remember which plaza it was in i link you the photo ;p
HarajukuLovers Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
awesome i want to see that
Tahleena Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
sadly, i've since had a computor death so i lost everything from the past 3 yrs.

it may be floating on a laptop somewhere or a disk (can't remember if i burnt before the comp died)

will keep looking...but well :fingerscrossed:
HarajukuLovers Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010
ohh im sorry to hear that u.u
well if u ever come across from it just send it ^-^
Tahleena Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010
if i find then i will send :)
Tahleena Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008

i thought the one i saw was called Blood.Vampire or somthing...i got a foto of the store front that i've been meaning to put up.

thanks for the links tho ^^
ElectricMayhem Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008  Student
you mean black alice

[link] their lj keeps you updated on what is avaliable

[link] their main store, also sells cosplay items online, the lolita part of the online store is in no way near to what they have in store (i was there on saturday)
Tahleena Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
Awwwe damn - i was hoping to use the gothica patterns/tutorial when i got myself organised :(
HarajukuLovers Featured By Owner May 31, 2008
ill try to upload them soon to other page
maybe to photobucket or something >.<
Tahleena Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
yay ^w^

now i just have to figure out my sewing machine ^^;
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